RODE AI-Micro Settings Adjustments

CAUTION!: It is important to properly adjust settings for the RODE AI-Micro in order to prevent annoying feedback squeal:

The High-Fidelity Binaural Headset (kit) requires the use of the RODE AI-Micro interface, which will route the headset mics inputs into one’s mobile device and the device’s output (the pitch-lowered bird songs) back to the Koss Headphones. In order for this to work properly, it will be necessary for you to download the RODE Central application and then adjust the settings. The procedure is as follows:

1. Download RODE Central and then open the app.
2. Connect your RODE AI-Micro interface to your mobile device. RODE Central should then automatically detect the audio interface.
3. TURN OFF the “Direct Monitor” option (the bottommost setting). CAUTION: If left enabled, you will probably experience loud feedback squeal!
4. Adjust other settings as as shown in the following screenshot of the RODE Central user interface:

RODE Central UI

Once the direct monitoring setting has been disabled, everything should work fine and you should not have to use the RODE Central app again, except perhaps to occasionally check for updates to the RODE AI-Micro firmware (RODE Central automatically detects if your current firmware is out of date).

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