High-Fidelity Binaural Headset Video Tutorials:

The full micbooster kit includes all the required components and makes it very easy for individuals to complete construction. The low-noise mics are already professionally soldered to miniature cables equipped with connector plugs. All that needs to be done is mount the mics on the headset using mounting putty (which is easy), twist the cables by hand, and then secure the cables with several cable ties. The following videos convey everything you’ll need to know to assemble the headset:

The Binaural Headset – Part 1: Introduction

The Binaural Headset – Part 2: High-Fidelity Kit Components

The Binaural Headset – Part 3: Rode AI-Micro Adjustments

The Binaural Headset – Part 4: High-Fidelity Kit Assembly Instructions

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