The Ambeo Smart Headset

Although no longer being manufactured, the Ambeo Smart Headset (made by Sennheiser) is still available in the marketplace and provides an inexpensive though “sub-optimal” plug-and-play binaural headset solution.

ambeo smart headset photo

The primary drawback of using the Ambeo headset is that the microphones are quite hissy, with an annoying internal “self noise” that is at least 15 decibels louder than that of the “super low noise” mics that are used in our preferred headset. This becomes particularly significant in quiet outdoor situations (such as on a calm morning in a remote wild setting) when the internal mic noise will not only be annoying but will also be loud enough to cover-up faint and distant bird sounds.

The following audio example will give you an appreciation of what a 15 decibel increase in background noise sounds like … quite significant I think you will agree!

While the high self-noise of the mics makes the Ambeo headset unsuitable for those who desire and appreciate high fidelity sound, we must admit that the compact plug-and-play “form-factor” is appealing. It’s too bad that the mics aren’t quieter. Should you nonetheless desire to obtain an Ambeo Smart Headset, please do a google search for sources in your area. In the United States, they can be obtained for $50 from

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