High-Fidelity Binaural Headset:

In order to provide the very best solution, we have come up with our own optimized design, the High-Fidelity Binaural Headset that is now available in kit form that requires some assembly. Not only does it provide an excellent spatial experience, it also utilizes super low-noise microphones that will aid in the detection of distant and subtle bird songs. In addition, the earphones rest lightly on each ear and do not obstruct one’s normal hearing. A special adapter (made by Rode) is an essential ingredient, providing excellent A/D conversion and connection to the mobile device’s lightning port.

Headset on wood table

Assembly requires mounting of mics using mounting putty (provided in the kit), twisting of cables (which is fairly straightforward) and fixing cables together at several locations using plastic cable-ties. Go here to view video tutorials that show exactly how this is done.

Order the optimized High-Fidelity Binaural Headset kit from micbooster.com.

Note: If you choose to go with this high-fidelity solution, be aware that it is very important that you adjust the Rode AI-Micro audio interface so that you avoid hearing loud feedback squeal. Go here for more information. This is also covered in detail in the video tutorials.

Disclaimer: Be aware that our non-profit will not make any money from the sale of headset kits, which are currently being handled by micbooster.com. Note that we are open to working with other possible kit suppliers as well as enterprising individuals interested in making and selling fully-completed high-fidelity binaural headsets optimized for use with our app.

closeup of one side of headphones on ear

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Order High-Fidelity Headset Kit From MicBooster

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