Hear Birds Again

A Pitch-Lowering Solution for Birders with High Frequency Hearing Loss


My name is Lang Elliott and I am spearheading the creation of Hear Birds Again, a mobile application for bird enthusiasts who suffer from high frequency hearing loss and desire to once again enjoy the uplifting songs of wild birds.

This is a non-profit effort. Hear Birds Again will be a free, open-source iOS app that employs advanced algorithms to lower the pitch of bird songs in real time, thereby making them audible during walks in nature. Once we publish the initial version, our source code will be made available to other developers who may then help us improve our existing app or else use the code in their own productions. Our intent is to share freely to encourage continued development of more evolved solutions.

DONATE NOW to help us give birth to Hear Birds Again, which will help bring joy into the lives of nature lovers who no longer hear the high-pitched songs of birds.

A Note to Android Users: While our initial goal is to publish an iOS app for use with Apple mobile devices (especially the iPhone), we are hopeful that an Android version will follow. Go here for more information.

IINTRODUCTION by Lang Elliott (spoken word):


PROGRESS REPORT – 1 September 2022
What We’ve Been Up To: For the last few months, we have been actively testing our prototype in the field and making a number of adjustments. At this point our biggest challenge is making our app work well with a wide variety of possible input devices, not only the high-performance build-it-yourself headset described below, but also the iPhone’s built-in stereo mic system, which will allow first-time users to test our app with whatever earbuds (wired or bluetooth) they already have. We are also finalizing the app’s user interface.

The Headset Conundrum: With regard to the “headset conundrum,” we still plan to strongly recommend that users equip themselves with our super low-noise option that will require a bit of do-it-yourself work (though not complicated at all). Nick Roast, the owner of micbooster.com (located in the UK), has agreed to provide high quality mic modules (pre-wired with plugs), along with our recommended Koss headset, the Rode adapter required for interfacing with the iPhone (or other Apple mobile devices), plus other necessary items. While we certainly wish there was a high-quality, low-noise pre-built headset-and-mic unit available in the marketplace, the sad truth is that there are no off-the-shelf solutions currently available that will provide sound quality good enough for serious birders.

For those of you who are unaware of the issues involved with regard to the headset, Go Here for a detailed discussion and Go Here for a complete parts list with US sources, plus a forthcoming link to micbooster.com for purchasing headset kits.

Fundraising: Although lagging far behind our initial goal of raising $20,0000 (USD) for bringing our app into existence, we have managed to secure about $9,000.00. Unfortunately, this means that Harold Mills and myself have been working for “considerably less-than-minimum-wage” for many months now to complete the first version of the app. We hope to remedy this, at least in part, by enabling in-app donations, trusting that actual users will donate to support continued development. There are also two articles about Hear Birds Again that are in the making, one slated for publication before year’s end and the other by late winter. Hopefully these will generate a a great deal of attention and result in significant donations.

Do You Have Trouble Hearing Bird Songs?

This project is sponsored by Miracle of Nature, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

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