Using App With Hearing Aids:

It is possible to use our app in conjunction with hearing aids, although we cannot guarantee results.

Of considerable importance is that the earphones on the headset be placed in such a way that they at least partially overlap the hearing aid microphones, allowing for unimpeded transmittance of the pitch-lowered bird songs into the hearing aid. For “in the ear” aids, this is easy to accomplish because the headset earphones are naturally placed over one’s ears, directly over the hearing aid mics.

Over-the-ear aids create a greater challenge because the hearing aid mics are generally located in the top center of the aids, which lie slightly behind the upper portion the ear. Our recommended headset, which utilizes the Koss KSC75 earphones, cannot easily be positioned over the top of the ear. In fact, it’s almost impossible to position the earphones over the hearing aid mics because the ear hooks on the earphones are designed to be placed behind the upper portion of each ear, exactly where the hearing aids reside.

So … for use with over-the-ear hearing aids, we recommend using the Koss SportaPro earphones, pictured below. The SportaPro utilizes a head band that can be worn over the top of the head or else around the back of the neck. As such, the earphones can be easily positioned so that their upper portion rises slightly above the upper portion of the ear, allowing for the pitch-lowered bird songs to be fed directly into the hearing aid mics.

The SportaPro earphones are readily available for around $25 US. In North America, they can be ordered here:

To build the modified headset, order the micbooster kit that does not include the Koss KSC75 and then build your headset using the SportaPro instead. .

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