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Koss Earphone Suppy Chain Problem

I have just been informed by our recommended headset kit supplier that the Koss KSC75 headphones are currently unavailable in Great Britain (the location of micbooster). Therefore, users who desire to order the binaural headset kits cannot currently order the “full” kit. Instead, all components other than the Koss headphones can be ordered and it will be necessary to obtain the Koss headphones from a different supplier. The price of the kit without the Koss earphones will be around 123 British pounds, or $155 US dollars.

More Information - Please Read Before Ordering
1. Micbooster will be closed for the holiday season until January 16. Orders can be placed during the closure period, but will not be fulfilled until on or after the 16th.

2. If a US customer’s order is for less than $800 (USD), there should be no tax or duty on goods received.

3. The Koss KSC75 Headphones should become available from micbooster by mid to late January. Until then, please order headphones from the alternate sources provided.

Order micbooster headset kit without Koss KSC75 earphones.

When you click/tap the above link to, you should see that following graphic for the “Full Kit Without Koss Headphones”:

full kit without koss earphones

Ordering Koss Headphones in North America

In North America, ordering the Koss headphones poses no problem, at least not right now. If you google Koss KSC75, you’ll find LOTS of sources, with prices ranging from around $20-$25. So it should be easy to obtain the headphones:

Google search results for Koss KSC75

And here is a good source from

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