Hear Birds Again

A Pitch-Lowering Solution for Birders with High Frequency Hearing Loss

What About an Android Version?

While we are hopeful that an Android version of our app will be developed, we cannot at this time guarantee its development. However, it is important to note that our app will be open-source, and our source code will be made available once we actually publish our first iOS version of the app. At that point, we hope that others who are adept at programming for both Mac and Android will take our source code and re-purpose it for Android, either as part of our non-profit effort or else as part of their own separate enterprises. That’s the magic of open-source … we make our idea a reality and then release the source code into the public domain … an approach that is likely to stimulate further evolution and expansion of the idea.

That said, it is fair to say that we are not personally committed to developing an Android version, at least not at this time. Our primary goal is to bring an iOS version into being and then refine it by adding new pitch-shifting algorithms. Then we’ll see what happens. And if we are able to obtain enough financial support, we might very well focus on developing an Android version, or else hire someone else to do it for us.

So … what should you do if you own an Android phone and don’t want to wait a year or two for an Android version to “possibly” show up?

We strongly suggest that birders using Android phones consider purchasing a used iPhone (for $200 or less) and then dedicating that phone for use with our Hear Birds Again iOS App. That would provide a fairly inexpensive and reasonably stable solution (though eventually it might be necessary to upgrade to a newer used iPhone because of Apple’s release of a version of iOS that forces changes to our App that render it incompatible with older iPhones … a problem that would also arise on the Android platform).

An internet search will reveal that one can purchase a “second generation” iPhone SE (2020) for as little as $150. This model will be compatible with Apple’s forthcoming iOS 16 (to be released during autumn 2022), and should work fine with future versions of Hear Birds Again for at least a few years and perhaps even longer.

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